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The Technology of Note Taking

Livescribe Smartpen 3

With the range of technology and “smart” devices available today, we can do almost everything faster and more efficiently than we could just a few short years ago. Makes you wonder how you ever got along without them? Well, we’ve got a new one to add to your list of things you can’t live—or at least work—without. The Livescribe 3 Smartpen is making its debut, and Paradise Pen is proud to be among the select retailers participating in its launch. We are big fans and believe that anyone who needs to take notes in a classroom, lecture hall, boardroom, conference center, business meeting or creative brainstorming session will work faster and smarter with the Livescribe 3.

Here’s the scoop: The new Livescribe 3 Smartpen brings the latest technology to note taking for the digital age. All you do is write or draw on special paper and the Livescribe 3 captures everything. You can also easily add recorded audio that’s synced with your handwriting so you can relive and review the important points from your note taking. Then, pair it with your tablet or smartphone and your work instantly appears in the Livescribe+ mobile app where it can be converted to text, tagged, searched and shared. With a few quick taps of your finger, your notes, thoughts and drawings can be used in your favorite apps to create contacts, appointments and reminders.

Although Livescribe has been around for a few years, the Livescribe 3 Smartpen is greatly improved. First of all, this advanced, tech-driven pen looks and feels like a high quality writing instrument. It has a true ergonomic design, which is comfortable in the hand. There is absolutely no compromise in the style of the pen. And now it is integrated with iOS7. So, for instance, you can write an address down on a piece of special notepaper and the pen will transmit it to your iPhone or iPad. When you click on it, it will bring up the address in Maps. Also, it has low energy Bluetooth that transmits in real time—a nice enhancement over earlier models.

Not only can you record the most accurate notes possible with Livescribe 3, you can quickly and easily file, access and share them. The Livescribe 3 Smartpen comes with: Livescribe+ Companion App, Starter Notebook, Micro USB cable, Integrated Stylus, Tungsten-Carbide Ink Cartridge and Basics Guide. Works with Bluetooth Smart Ready mobile device running iOS 7 or newer (iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3rd generation or newer, iPad mini and iPod touch 5th generation or newer). It is also available in a Pro Edition with several extras.

Whether you are serious about taking notes or passionate about recording your dreams, the Livescribe 3 Smartpen will simplify and greatly improve the process.


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